Surprising Autumn Colour

Just a quick post to show you how gorgeous my Red Currant is at the moment. Some plants really surprise you with their burst of Autumn colour, the Red Currant is one with its beautiful yellow leaves.

…my Grapevine is another.

…and also the Blueberry is pretty amazing.

…even the Strawberries are making a bid to colour up the garden!

They’re all doing it in their tiny way. Of course, most of the garden is brown right now but it’s nice to see a glimmer of colour if only before the leaves drop and we have to rely on the frost for interest.

14 Comments on “Surprising Autumn Colour

  1. Oh dear, the leaves of my redcurrant bush fell off two months ago! I only planted it this summer and Im worried it’s dead rather than hibernating! That yellow colour is stunning.

  2. Hi Mary,

    Don’t worry – it just depends whether you’ve had colder weather or not. My garden is walled and so very protected. And…I took this photo a week ago and the leaves have already started to go.

  3. It’s great to see some colour at this time of year. I’ve just posted a photo of my japonica which is a stunning yellow, the best thing in the garden by a long way!

  4. Lovely colours, I also like the leaves as they are lying on the ground and are turning ever more brown.

  5. Very nice colors! I specially like the grapevine and the strawberry. I didn’t know strawberries changed color like that, mine has never.
    My garden is only now starting to turn, my grapevine went all yellow this week, the maple has one single red leaf and the new blueberries have only a couple leafs turning.

  6. Aren’t trees/plants amazing with their color….I actually just posted a similar post today about that…Check it out…Our yard just seems to be gorgeous right now…
    Take care.

  7. I love the yellow of that redcurrant! So vibrant. My strawberries have gone gorgeous colours too, though they just remind me that I didn’t use the runners as I promised I would…

  8. Wow, I haven’t check in here for 2 years now! You were expecting your first born last time and now look – beautiful :)
    Amazing to see how you have progressed the ‘yard’ as I was quite disappointed when you gave up the original MTP. The new one looks fantastic though and is very inspirational to many of us I’m sure.
    Great photos as ever and excellent content.
    I’ll check back a little more often I think.
    Paul –

  9. Gorgeous! I’m a very *very* novice gardener but hope to do a lot more next year.

  10. Here in Maryland, USA, mums are still giving color to my garden and keeping bees busy. I photographed one bee enjoying the yellow center on a purple mum flower. The photo is on this week’s Wordless Wednesday post. Mums the word.

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