Herbs Needed Some Lovin’

It was time to tidy up the herb garden, as it was getting out of control. I trimmed the lavender back, discovered two Thyme bushes underneath a gigantic Parsley triffid and snipped the Sage back into a ball again. I hacked down the Chives too, which I’m not sure is the right thing to do (anyone know?). So the herb garden is looking quite cared for again. I potted up some of the triffid and took it home for the kitchen. Then I composted half of what was left and left a small clump in the ground to see what it can do before the frosts come. I have some mint too which is looking a bit rusty. I think I’ll leave it in and replace it next year. I tend to use the same herbs most of the time; thyme, basil, rosemary, chives, parsley, corriander, sage (sometimes) and bay (as we have a tree at home). Anyone have any ideas on unusual (and useful) herbs I can grow next year? The most exotic thing I use right now is Juniper Berries to make cider gravy with sausage and mash (yum). I have lots of dried stuff at home but you can’t beat that fresh, snipped from the garden smell can you?

3 Comments on “Herbs Needed Some Lovin’

  1. In my experience, chives are so hardy that you can chop them back at practically any time of year. I hack at mine at least three times a year as the new growth is much more tasty than the older bits …

  2. How about growing tarragon, dill or chervil? I came across a recipe the other day for a delicious salad that was supposed to included chervil….and I discovered it’s impossible to buy…

  3. Thanks for the advice Jane – glad to hear that my chives can withstand a good hacking.

    Hi Annette – How’s Gardenopoly going? cool site – Thanks for the tip – I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Chervil (maybe I have but without knowing it). What does it taste like?