Mini ‘Corn Salad’ Lettuces


At this time of year I like to cut my Corn Salad as mini-Lettuces and eat them whole. They are an excellent size for one. I’ve been eating them leaf by leaf for the last few months but now I need the space for something else and so I’m clearing them and eating them one by one. I just slip a pair of scissors under the soil, snip off the root and wash the leaves. All the soil comes off easily since there is no root, just a little stub and you can eat the whole thing.

Just add whatever you like to eat. I’m more than a little obsessed with tuna salad right now.


4 Comments on “Mini ‘Corn Salad’ Lettuces

  1. your salad looks so tasty… shame ill have my own tomatos and lettuces in a few weeks/months depening on weather here in croatia…since im new here in blogging world, I invite you to come and stop by me sometimes

  2. Those toms look really tasty are they home-grown too? I’m guessing they’re a US variety – expect most stuff you’re growing these days is probably not available here either :)

  3. This Corn Salad was grown in my greenhouse so it was protected from virtually everything!

    No Greenshoots the Toms are not home grown – they were personally bought from the shop with my bare hands though. Does that count :) My Tomato plants are still in the greenhouse, sitting pretty.