Always Go for the Magical Shot


This is a photo of some seedlings that I have in my greenhouse.


This is another photo of the same seedlings. There is nothing wrong with the second photo. It’s perfectly fine. It’s in focus and has some good colour. But… it’s nothing special.

The first photo has a special quality to it. The angle is lower, the light makes it come alive, and the low depth of field makes it almost magical.

Who doesn’t need a bit of magic in their lives? Think about the shot, wait for the right light, add a bit of water if you like, and choose an interesting angle. The photo will always be better. Guaranteed.

It doesn’t always work out like that. Sometimes I just need to take the photo and be done. Sometimes the day is a bit dreary and I can do nothing about it. But if I can, I always go for the first shot. It just makes things a little nicer.

7 Comments on “Always Go for the Magical Shot

  1. The top photo is really beautiful – it does indeed have some magic to it. You have inspired me to try a little harder with my photography, thank you!

  2. This is very good advice, there is often a better shot waiting to be found with just a little extra effort. My problem seems to be remembering that whenever I pick up the camera. When the weather’s dull I often am too.

  3. On the other hand, if you’re using the pictures for instruction, the more prosaic ones are often the more useful. Horses for courses. The poetical ones are lovely, but not always what’s needed.

  4. Completely agree. The right light is essential for decent pics. After all all photos are are captures of light!