mttp is alive!

mttpWe finished digging and laying the beds over at mttp. Here is the finished plot all ready for new plantings. The first bed is planted with Pink Fir Apple potatoes, the second with a selection of lettuce seedlings, the third will be for tomatoes, the fourth for sweetcorn and the last one (partly in shade) will house the second round of lettuce that will mature in mid summer (and will therefore be thankful for a bit of shade). In the first bed along the side we put up a wigwam to grow some sweet peas, with plans to put some herbs in next to that. And in the far bed we have already planted a rhubarb crown and have left some space for one courgette plant (which is plenty if last year’s experience is anything to go by!). So there you go, from rotovation to planting in just one week! Not bad eh?

3 Comments on “mttp is alive!

  1. wow, I am impressed, its taken me years to get my garden on the go, looks like good soil.

  2. Well done! How did you manage to get it all done so quickly? What did you do to cut the weeds down before rotivating?
    I’ve just taken on a 2nd plot as well but currently have it covered in black plastic as I don’t have time for all the digging. Any tips for getting it up and running as quickly as mttp would be very welcome!

  3. hmm let’s see – tips for getting up and running quickly… Well, it helps to have a big burly man in tow who knows how to handle a rotovator :)

    But aside from that I wouldn’t be too precious about removing all the weeds before you rotovate. I just concentrated on digging up the big weeds like comfrey and nettles and carefully pulling up the big stretches of bindweed. Then it’s in with the rotovator.

    If you do it this way, you’ll be up and running quickly but the hard work will be digging up the problem weeds as they come back. So it’s a bit of an on-going task.

    Good luck!