Peas Proving Difficult

I sowed some more Peas in lengths of guttering today – why? because the last two sowings didn’t even bother to appear! They just rotted, in situ. Humph! I’ve never really had this problem before. In 2008 I was transferring them into the ground by April 6th! And I can’t even look at the 2007 photo.

I’ve been doing my Peas in this way for nearly five years now and every time I’ve had no problem.

Yes, this Winter has been cold. And yes, the growing season has been set back about two or three weeks (I’d say). I only have to look at the tight buds on my Peach tree to see that we’re not at the same stage we were this time last year.

But Peas? They’re normally such stalwarts. Anyway, I’ve switched seed just incase it’s a bad batch and I’m crossing my fingers for this sowing. I can’t be missing out on my Minted Peas, it’s just not an option.

Is anyone else having problems with germination? Or is it just me…

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  1. I don’t have problems with germination, but with them getting eaten. So I chit mine first and then mollycoddle them in loo roll tubes filled with compost before planting them out.

    There’s nothing like those first peas from the plot is there? :)

  2. I sowed some sugar snaps (Cascadia) a couple of weeks ago under a fleece tunnel outside and, yes, not a sign. Meanwhile the spinach and beetroot I sowed at the same time are coming up. Am glad I didn’t sow the whole packet as is my usual wont. Tbh I’ve never had much luck with peas…

  3. I read your message and went outside to check mine. They have taken 2 weeks but show signs of germination. Mine are Meteor T&M. Good luck with the next batch :-)

  4. My peas are the only seeds not to have germinated! Have been starting all seeds to date in a propagator, and have so far potted-on cauliflower, celeriac, leek, salad & chilli, together with lupins, nasturtium and poppies. But not a pea in sight, and I too will be trying again with a different seed.

  5. My broad beans have yet to appear. Sowed some back in autumn and lost the lot in the frosts, then did some in the greenhouse – no luck, finally have recently put two sowings in the ground at the plot – still nothing!

  6. I did some runners and dwarf green beans on Sunday, and they’ve started to split already….sorry! I planted them in individual pots and just left them in the shed. Fingers crossed its just a bad batch…..maybe….especially for 2 sowing not to have done anything!

  7. exactly the same here, i had a similar problem last year but did what you did (even same batch, used leftovers and was more successful on the second go.) And my outside tunnel ones all rotted in the ground as well (or maybe we eaten?) My guess is weather and temp and moisture makes them rot in the ground sometimes. I’ve decided to start mine off indoors in a semi cool indoor room. I’ll let you know how things progress.

  8. I have had the same problems last year but I am sure it was the mice that nicked them. They had 2 PACKETS worth of courgette seeds too! I am going for loo roll in the workshop window this year, well away from the vermin.

  9. I haven’t sown my peas yet, not even inside, and I’m in the south. I’ve got squash, sweetcorn, broad beans, sweet peas, chillies, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, basil and marjoram inside, all doing well. When they move on I’ll sow some peas, green beans, asparagus peas and courgettes in modules. Won’t be sowing until at least mid-Apr.

  10. Mine have germinated ok, but I started them off indoors in loo rolls before moving them into the greenhouse.

  11. I only got my peas sown last weekend (following the loo roll route like VP) but I’m having problems getting *anything* to germinate this year. I’ve got an unheated greenhouse, so it must just be a weather issue – or at least, I hope so!

  12. I haven’t started mine yet; I was going to sow them this weekend. I think I will start them off indoors.

  13. My peas rotted first time round too. My second set are fine, but I put a bit more effort in. I soaked them in a little water over night. Just so they fattened up. Then put them in a bowl indoors with moist kitchen roll just until a shoot appeared, before planting. It only took a couple of days, but atleast I had the comfort of knowing the seeds were good before they went in to the soil.

  14. Whenever I plant large, hard seeds like corn, peas or beans, I always soak them overnight. This seems to be enough to let them start growing before they have a chance to rot.

  15. my broad beans haven’t come up but sowed some in toilet rolls as back up which are OK.

  16. ive had the exact same problem. my peas just wont germinate. last year not a problem, but this year they just dont seem to be doing anything! ive sowed three lots in the last month and none have come up. its reasurring that other people are having the same problem.

  17. I’ve sown some indoors (cold conservatory) and they are doing great – these are for early pea shoots.

    I took the peas from the same pack that I sowed outdoors in February. They just came up yesterday.

    Unintentional side effect was that the indoor sowing was a good quick way to test the seed quality.

  18. Yup! For the first time ever I had nasturtiums seeds rot. I genuinely believed it was impossible for nasturtiums not to germinate but this year they turned into white mouldy spiderwebby mush rather than pretty little stafish shaped leaflets. It’s so depressing, isn’t it?

  19. Not really a pea man myself – until I tried mangetout Oregon Sugarpod. Have you stuck with the same variety each year. I read about wrinkled and round seed. Which do you grow?

  20. Are you sure they are rotting, or are they being stolen by mice? That’s a good tip about pre germinating on wet kitchen roll before planting! I do that with parsnip seeds that can be a bit ‘iffy’

  21. Mine havent shown any signs of life yet, I have them in the conservatory planted 2 weeks ago. Its just been too cold. Now it’s warmed up a little bit I may dare to water them a little more. Perhaps I’ll sow another batch this evening just to make sure!

  22. Matron – I’m pretty sure they’re not being stolen by mice because they’re in my cold frame and I don’t see how they could get in. Plus there is no sign of the soil being disturbed.

  23. I sowed some peas for the first time this year in a seed tray about two weeks ago, I got a very cheap pack of ‘early onwards’ and didn’t expect many to germinate so I sowed about 30 and they’ve all appeared and are getting bigger by the day but I’m sure I’ll manage to decrease my numbers yet, I’m still a complete beginner and germination doesn’t always equate a harvest :S

    I’m sure you just got a bad batch of seeds because everything you grow looks amazing! Good luck with this sowing.

  24. I think it’s still too early to sow peas.
    If we get a couple of weeks of cold wet weather they’ll just rot before germinating.
    I must admit I do sow mine too early as well but if you don’t sow them too deep then you’ll have fewer problems.
    I just sow max 1″ deep and then cover them in 10mm metal mesh to keep the mice out.
    It works a treat.

  25. like VP, i start mine in loo roll tubes filled with compost (in the fish kettle so we can’t have poached salmon while the peas are growing in there!) then plant them out. the seeds i am using are old ones from a sprouter kit i got for christmas a few years ago yet they all grew last year and again this year!

  26. With peas, I usually soak them for a few days until a root starts to show before I sow them. That way, I can tell the dud ones apart.

  27. Same here – two gutter lengths of Feltham First rotted in situ. Upon furtling I found gloopy blobs of mushy peas..uuurgh.
    So, I took a new batch and soaked them for a day or so before putting them in the guttering. A couple of them had roots showing by that time so I’m hopeful that this second batch will germinate successfully.
    Also sowed a pot of dwarf peas (Half Pint) in the gh. These have started to show I’ve moved them onto the patio now. Hope your next batch thrives!

  28. Yep me, i have done nothing different to years gone past and I am having serious germination, hmph, as if the season wasn’t late enough.

  29. I have been reading all the peeps comments on peas and am unsure what to do. This is my very first attempt at growing anything!!! I am planning suagr snap peas against west facing fence inbetween 2 small conifers. So i cant do the guttering transferthingy i have read about, was planing to sow direct in small trench in a weeks time, do you think I should start off in loo rolls or chance it, Any comments from experienced growers to a newy would be fab. ta.

  30. Hello,

    I live in the Netherlands and here we put the peas in a cm of water for approxamatly 2 days or when you really want to jumpstart them for a week.Then they will germinate better and after a week they wil even grow.
    I put mine in in March en last year in may and i have eaten peas last summer.
    Maybe that will work???


    Greetings from the Netherlands

  31. Like most people I started mine inside to begin with and have recently moved them to a raised bed now that the weather has improved. Any chance you might be suffering from Rhizoctonia Solani Seedling Rot?

  32. I had more success with my second batch, 5 out of 20 germinated this time! I will need more than this or I will be going hungry.

  33. I have had similar issues. Last year the crop were eaten by pigeons so I sowed in October under a polyfleece and out of about 60 I now have 3 come up. I am now trying a different method with the same pea variety (T&M Meteor) of sowing in a shallow long thin tub quite near the surface and having allowed the tub to sit in the sun for a few days before planting it is now wrapped in fleece to protect and warm the peas. Planted yesterday (later than I should probably) and will hope to see some sign of growth middle/late next week.
    My next door nieghbour however grows huge volumes every year so I am hoping it is not the soil type.

  34. Had a bumper crop of peas last season – so duly planted again about 4 weeks ago along with broad beans. Beans have appeared spledidly. Out of all the peas only 4 have ‘shown’ so I went digging around yesterday and could find not a trace of any peas beneath the ground – where the hell have they gone? I know they haven’t been scoffed by the birds, could they have all rotted away?

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  36. Well I have had my peas germinate then they do nothing,
    this year, have not had this problem before, plants seem healthy otherwise.