What’s Your Winter Hobby?

I ask that question like everyone ‘must’ have a Winter hobby! But recently, I’ve been wondering what you all do in the Winter? Gardening is a fantastic hobby but there’s no doubt that it’s a seasonal activity. There’s masses to do in Spring and Summer but then it starts to wind down and by the time you hit the Winter months (December and January are the leanest) there’s very little to do in the garden except harvest your Winter veg and do a bit of pruning. But mostly I’m taking photos of frosted seed-heads and reading seed catelogues in front of the fire.

I’ve noticed that I often take up my ‘other’ hobbies during Winter. Other hobbies I hear you say – is there such a thing? Well, yes. I like to sew but I only ever have time to do it when the garden isn’t taking up all of my time. Hence in the Winter, friends get handmade Christmas decorations and birthday presents and the house usually gets a new pair of curtains at some point and a few cushions here and there. I even made Under Gardener some camouflaged bags for his Geocaching boxes! (pay back for all the muck-carting he’s done for me).

Recently, I’ve gotten back into painting (A-Level Art really not a waste of time after all, who would have known). And I’m enjoying it. Infact, I’m working on a wee project that some of you might like – more info soon.

So I’m eager to know, what do you fill your Winter months with (assuming all garden duties are done, seeds ordered, pruning, harvesting, clearing done). Do you cook, sew, remodel your house, skydive, paraglide or just collapse into a heap after your busy, busy summer?

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  1. Similar things to you – in theory anyway, often I just read books and look at pictures about the things I would like to do but can’t quite motivate myself for. I am planning to make some summer clothes (because I know I will never have time in the summer) and this weekend I am making an advent calendar.

  2. I read a LOT and pick up my crochet again. I dug up supplies so I can learn to knit and sew as well. I also plan to cook more and learn to make some basics like pasta and pita bread.

  3. At the moment I am drooling over pics of our fab family reunion from the summer and trying to get them organised for an album. I have photos from everyone who was there, which means thousands. The ‘best of’ is nearly 500… and so that needs to be whittled down and organised.

    Of course this is procrastination from housework and finally getting the onion sets in (it’s so cold and muddy…)

  4. I research my family history, read books, get cross at the lack of good black & white films on the tv on rainy Sunday afternoons, and make soup from whatever veg I’ve got lurking. Anything to avoid the ironing, really. I keep eyeing the seed packets and I KNOW it’s far too early but….

  5. I get more creative when its colder and I can’t be in the garden. At the moment I’m knitting Christmas hearts to felt in the machine, making my own gift tags and I recently bought a book on how to teach yourself crochet. I’ve been meaning to learn a new skill for ages!

  6. Sewing too. Currently making an advent calendar for my son and am then going to try sewing some Christmas decorations.

  7. I thought I’d be picking up my knitting needles by now but I’m still doing stuff at the allotment. I’d earmarked today as a ‘sewing christmas presents’ day so I should get off the computer really!
    Come January I’m sure I’ll be in full swing with the stitching and the paint brush will be pulled out to do some decorating at home (the only downside to having white walls and cats!). I love the change in energy that the new year brings and far from finding it a depressing time of year I find it really motivating. It probably helps having a birthday in February but I wonder if there’s a connection between the season you like and when you’re born?

  8. Sorry – not a hobby answer but a gardening question!! I am still a novice at gardening. About 6 weeks ago, I planted 10 large garden pots with spring daffodil bulbs and this morning when I went past them they have popped up over the soil!!!!! Help, I dont want them now, I want them in spring – what shall I do????


  9. For me, it’s card making (especially Christmas cards at this time of year). This year I’ve also just taken up knitting. I also tend to read more and write on my blog more when the weather is dreary and I can’t get outside. Not very exciting but I usually end up watching a lot of TV as well!

  10. you know you are hooked on vegetable growing when you take a seed catalogue to bed with you at night for a little light reading. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  11. I’ve taken a leaf out of your book… i’m planning. And i’ve got all winter to do it too. This is my first proper veg garden and i’m loving it too. Have a look at my blog http://bornagaingardener.blogspot.com/
    The plan pic was done after looking at yours. Love your blog.

  12. Hi Yvonne, its probably just a bit warm for them right now. Once the temp dips they will slow down and stop growing. So long as they are not too big they will be able to withstand a frost.

  13. Like you Gill, I like to do a bit of painting – something I got into a couple of years ago, it is suprisingly theraputic even if what you are painting ends up looking like a 5 year old did it!. Last year I took a course with the Open University over the winter which was good. This year I suspect it will be blogging which is a new thing for me. However, I think that my blogs will have more of a food angle until the weather picks up and I can get out in the garden again!. Love your blog.

  14. I’ve been knitting gloves and hats so far, I also sew and I might get some books to read. And I like art as well drawing.

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  16. I too get back into sewing during the winter months. It’s something I don’t have time for in the spring and summer when the allotment beckons. I used to sew a lot as a child, and only recently took it back up again, and now I actually look forward to winding down in the garden so I can start some new sewing projects. I’ve been making bags for all the girls in my family for Christmas, and decorations are next on the list. I also crochet (prefer it to knitting) paint and bake – when I have time! Not sure how I keep up a freelance graphic design career too. That’s the trouble with us creative types.

  17. We have six pigs arriving tomorrow. That should keep us busy over the winter.

  18. I’ve never seen anyone practice acupuncture on fish before – there’s an interesting hobby ;-)

  19. Hi mtp – do you have a nice simple receipe for Christmas pudding?

  20. yvonne, don’t worry about your daffodil bulbs coming through too early. The cold weather will delay them until the time is right for themto grow into beautiful flowers for you to enjoy.

  21. Hi Yvonne – sorry I don’t, my husband hates Christmas pudding so it’s banned in our house :(

  22. Hi,

    Firstly I have to say I am totally addicted to reading your blog it’s fab!! Thing is i liked it loads and as I am new started reading your posts from beginning-it’s like a little story to read and i am thoroughly enjoying it so thanks!

    Also in answer I am getting very into sewing myself and at the moment I am sewing cute little felt xmas tree decorations for my tree and for gifts. I am also having a bash at some little purse/make up bag thingumies for friends.

    My huge passion however is for baking and now the christmas cakes are done I am concentrating on producing chocolates for xmas presents-it stresses me out sometimes though!!


  23. Lucy nice to have you stop by. Glad you like my little ramblings. Are you in the UK. Have you been watching Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Christmas? Sounds right up your street.

  24. I love watching Kirsie’s Xmas – I had already decided to make my own crackers so was very excited when they showed that. I’d love to have her job – and her house!