Staying Cheerful with Winter Lettuce & Chard

There’s not much left in the garden right now but there is a small corner, just in-front of the greenhouse door that is bursting with colour and looking quite good. It’s the Winter Density Lettuce and Chard. They are in the sunniest part of the garden so they are still getting a decent amount of sun each day. And quite frankly they are loving it.

lettuce and chard

Behind them (out of shot) is the grape-vine that is slowly turning a lovely Autumnal shade. I’m so glad I decided to plant these right next to the greenhouse. It means that I have something cheerful to look at as I potter around filling seed packets and organising plant pots (I do a lot of that!).

4 Comments on “Staying Cheerful with Winter Lettuce & Chard

  1. What a lovely sight! Wht is your experience with the hardiness of the “Winter Density” lettuce? I have overwintered it succesfully in my cold frame, but do not know how it would cope without protection.

  2. Honestly Vera I don’t think I’ve ever grown it through the whole winter. It’s normally an early Winter crop for me and it gets eaten too quickly to last anyway! Sorry.

  3. I love lettuce and chard! I also growing my own at my garden and I am so proud of the fact that I have my own green vegetables! Great article! Regards!