Week 21

Week 21 is all about onions. Now that I have the plaiting down to a fine art I plan to harvest the majority of my onions this weekend. I’m not sure how many I have. Too many is the answer but as you can store them that doesn’t really matter. I’ll estimate I have around […]

Week 10

Hoorah! We’ve finally finished marking out all the beds and the pathways – Holy biscuits, that was a mission! Now its time to sit back with a smug beer in hand and survey the work. Just look at the difference. We’ve been working like miners all weekend (I have the sunburn to prove it!). First […]

Week 9

Everything is happening at once at mtp. I’ve put the carrot seeds in (in two rows, 12cms apart), the leek seeds have been sown, as have the perpetual spinach. Also one of our neighbours (a different one) gave me some young cabbage plants and the cucumber plants are happily hardening off in the cold frame […]

Week 8

I can’t believe we’ve been working on mtp for eight whole weeks. The time has flown by, but of course we’ve got a lot done. The top beds are starting to take shape now and I spent the last 20 minutes yesterday flattening out the top area ready for our brand new bench when it […]

Week 7

The beds are starting to take shape now. We had thought that we would edge each bed with wood to make the plot look classic, traditional, environmentally-friendly. But then we went to Homebase and saw the price of wood and thought hmmm….these plastic edging-type products look interesting don’t they? So the end result is that […]

Week 6

I can’t believe it’s already six weeks since we got the allotment. It has flown by. We’re busy digging the beds over and adding a little bit of lime here and a bit of manure there. We also bought a brand new fork (we bent the last one) and some edging to keep the beds […]