Chelsea Flower Show

Heading home from a lovely time at Chelsea Flower Show. There seemed to be lots of Strawberries in unusual places this year. But the show gardens were as lovely as ever. I’ll post some more photos soon. But for now here’s a photo of some berries in some old boots. And some stuffed in an […]


Bought these gorgeous Ranunculus for my sister in law. They are a lovely unusual peach colour and look amazing in this Fiesta water jug.

Salad in Vacuum Jars

While visiting Papa and Grandma Diane I learned a nice little trick for preparing salads ahead of time using a Mason jar and an air extractor. Simply, prepare your salad and build it up layer by layer in the jar. Put the dressing at the bottom so that when you tip it out the dressing […]

Today I …

Helped assemble orders for the Incredible Edibles vegetable plant sale tomorrow here in Portland. I also got to do a little ‘early’ shopping and bought some Leeks, Chives, Parsley, Rouge d’Hiver Lettuce and Kale. Very lovely to see all these nice leafy green vegetables at this time of year.

School Gardens

These are the local school’s vegetable gardens. Pretty impressive really. Each class has a patch to tend and it’s lovely to see how different they all are.

The Big Move

The packers arrived yesterday and proceeded to cover everything in cardboard. There is literally nothing to sit on. The container arrives today.

Cleaning My Stuff

I’m busy cleaning my tools and disinfecting anything that has been left in the garden. Apparently, US customs will be looking for ‘spores’ so my job is to eradicate them. That’s if I want to keep my stuff that is.

Jubilee Celebrations

Nothing says ‘British’ like a beach hut on a grey day! With a cold box full of sandwiches followed by fish and chips and home time with two very tired children.

How to Make Your Own Seed Compost

I spent the day at Yeo Valley farm organic garden today (more on that later). This afternoon the head gardener, James, showed us how he makes his own seed sowing mix, which let’s face it, could save us all a penny or two. He roughly sieves his homemade leaf mould mix to get the lumps […]

Riverford Field Kitchen

We had lunch at the Riverford field kitchen on New Year’s Day. I basically ate a plate of vegetables in different forms, Carrots with feta cheese, Cauliflower with almonds, Beetroot and herbs etc. But it felt like a gourmet dish. I was so impressed that I simply had to buy the book to find out […]