Week 17

Look, it’s our very first harvest (well, if you don’t count the Spinach thinnings a couple of weeks ago). We came back from our trip to find that mtp had gone crazy in our abscence. What with all that lovely rain (and sun) that you’ve been having our tiny plot had possitively flourished. The little […]


..that’s not My Tiny Plot! What’s going on? I’ll tell you. Myself and my under-gardener (Ryan) are on a secret fact-finding mission to San Francisco and NYC. I can’t tell you more as it’s top secret and I’d have to kill you and all that but our sources (Dorling Kindersley guidebook) told us about Bryant […]

Week 15

Finally I made it to mtp for the first time in over a week. I’ve been away with work you see and so I haven’t had the chance to do anything on the plot. But boy was it worth going tonight. Clive was there and he gave me 10 sweetcorn plants – which I promptly […]

Dig for Victory

I’ve not quite decided if mtp will be an all-year-round activity yet (we’ll see how the summer goes first) but when I found this site about the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign suddenly cauliflowers in Dec became a distinct possibility. The site has pdfs of the original ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign leaflets issued by the Ministry […]

Gardener’s World Magazine

If anyone has this month’s issue of Gardener’s World magazine, turn to page 139 and you’ll see a letter from me! It’s all about my dad’s allotment and how I thought veg gardening was ‘soooooo like totally boring’ when I was a teenager but now I’m a grown-up I love it just like my dad […]

My Tiny Plan

I’ve been trying to describe to people what I’m aiming for with the design of mtp. I suppose I’d describe it as a geometric-style potager garden. I’ve no idea if there are any design rules when it comes to creating a potager. I found this interesting site where it’s quoted, “A potager must make you […]

Cabbages and Marigolds

I haven’t been to the allotment all weekend – damn! We’ve been up in London working (boo!). And now it’s Sunday night, I’m exhausted and it’s raining. Hmmm…. I think the elements are conspiring against me so we’ll make a fresh start tomorrow. I took this picture on Thursday last week. I planted some marigolds […]