Garlic’s In

The first planting of mtp (season 2) is done – ie the garlic is in. I managed to find a patch that had been dug over, added plenty of compost (as Monty suggested) and the garlic bulbs went in. The bulbs are from my own store of garlic that we grew last year. I’ve heard […]

Herbs Needed Some Lovin’

It was time to tidy up the herb garden, as it was getting out of control. I trimmed the lavender back, discovered two Thyme bushes underneath a gigantic Parsley triffid and snipped the Sage back into a ball again. I hacked down the Chives too, which I’m not sure is the right thing to do […]


Look at the wee cauliflower! To be honest I thought the Cauliflowers I put in were a non-starter. The seeds I sowed directly in the soil came up all gangly and long (I sowed them too near to each other). And as a result they looked a bit sickly and came in for every virus […]

Arctic King Lettuce

It’s been a bit quiet around mtp these last few weeks as we’ve been on holiday (the undergardener and I). South of France, very nice, I won’t sicken you with the details. But we came back to find a lovely, daddy-sized compost bin waiting for us outside our front door. Complete with kitchen ‘caddie’ (as […]