‘Plant out in December!’

The first sign of snow down here on mtp and the ground is frozen solid. I managed to get the Dahlia corms up a few days ago and store them under cover. But there’s very little to do right now, except inspect the doormat for raspberry cane deliveries (I’ve ordered ten but no sign yet), […]

Broadbeans Are In…

I should have posted this last week when I did actually sow the Broadbeans but work got the better of me. But never mind that, the Broadbeans are in and I shall watch closely for signs of life over the next few weeks. I bought an Autumn sowing variety called Aquadulce Claudia (ooh very posh). […]

Poly Tunnel

mtp is the proud owner of a brand new mini poly tunnel (£18.95 Organic Catelogue). It’s about three metres long so not massive but there’s plenty of room for my winter lettuce seedlings (Arctic King). A few days ago I dug in some rotted manure to the bed where the tunnel would be, erected the […]

Ruby Chard in Chicago

We’re in Chicago (for both work and pleasure) and it’s a beautiful city. I think it may have become my favourite American city almost overnight. The parks are beautiful, the architecture is amazing, the pancakes are huge and the downtown area is littered with these little garden oasis. They are different for every street. Some […]