On Vacation

mtp is on holiday. Normal digging, weeding and planting will resume soon. Be patient.

Time to Harvest Onions

I harvested my onions around a week ago and they have been drying out on the floor of the outhouse ever since. There are fewer onions than last year. I decided not to plant so many this year because we couldn’t eat all of last year’s onions before they started to rot and so consequently […]

Mr Toad

Meet Mr Toad, the frog. He lives in the small pond in my garden. Sometimes he pops his head out of the water but mostly he stays out of sight until nightfall – unless it really, really rains, and then he makes an exception and comes out in the daytime. At the moment he’s really […]

Carrots in a Pot

After my success with the carrots in the old coldframe I have decided to sow some more carrots – this time in a small pot in my garden. I never seem to have any luck when I sow carrots directly into the ground so I’ll stick with the container idea for now. They seem to […]

Leek Flower

This is what happens to leeks if you let them go to seed and flower. This one was planted around this time last year and it has just rewarded us with this beautiful flower which the bees absolutely love. They are actually great as a cut flower as this one has lasted for over a […]

Autumn Raspberries

I harvested a basketful of raspberries this weekend from our row of Autumn raspberries. In my experience Autumn raspberries tend to give bigger yields and the fruit are larger too. I planted this row of ten Autumn Bliss canes in December 2005 with four golden raspberries (I forget the variety now). They are all doing […]


Hollyhock’s really are a beautiful flower. Totally useless for cutting however, as the flower stem is so large that by the time the bottom flower has finished blooming and is dying away the top flowers are only just thinking about opening. They are also huge plants that take up lots of room. Maybe next year […]