Asters in Full Bloom

It’s taken them a while but once the Asters started to flower they really went for it. They are still flowering now, even though the weather has officially gone rubbish. They are a great little cut flower. They take up little room and each plant gives you around 4 or 5 of these gorgeous blooms. […]

Sweetcorn’s Not Ready Yet

Nooooo… I’m not ready for winter yet. My sweetcorn has just about produced its tassels and they’re no-where near brown yet. Come on just a couple more weeks. That’s all I’m asking. It would be a small disaster if I didn’t get to taste any buttery sweetcorn this year. I’ve grown them from seed, fed […]

The Right Way to Freeze Raspberries

There is a right way to freeze raspberries – ie by laying them out on a baking sheet (or half a cereal box as you can see here) and freeing them individually. Once you have done this you can put them into a smaller container and use a handful at a time over the winter. […]

Potting up Runners

It’s time to pot up some strawberry runners to make new plants for next year if you haven’t already done so. Just pot up the runners and snip off any bits of runner sticking out – making sure that it’s still attached to the mother plant. You can detach the young plants after a month […]

Back to Digging

I’m back! After two weeks sweltering and cowering for shade in Greece I’m here in beautiful, lush, green England with its gorgeous fresh, cool air (ahhh!). It feels good to be home! So…what was the weather like while I was away? If mtp is anything to go by I’d say it’s been quite warm, occasionally […]