10 Jobs for September

  Summer is still holding on (if you’re lucky) and you may get some late Sweetcorn to harvest. Autumn Raspberries are in full swing and your Pumpkins and Squashes are swelling. You may also have some Chilli Peppers in the cold frame and the odd Apple or two that is ready for eating. Start to […]

Aahh! Morning in the Garden

Ooh ooh, I love my garden in the early morning. When everything is so fresh, green, slightly cold and covered in a thin layer of dew. There’s nothing better than padding around, cup of coffee in hand, and inspecting the new day. The spiders are working at full pelt at this time of year. After […]

Time for Some Parsnip

I’ve never grown good parsnips before. In the past they have been small, forked or I’ve had problems with germination. It just goes to show that sometimes you can only cure a random problem with one vegetable by err… moving gardens, which seems a bit severe, but it’s true. This year my Parsnips are huge […]

Jackson’s Sunflowers

If there’s no sunshine outside then I’ll just have to bring it indoors! These are Jackson’s Sunflowers. When he was born a friend’s mum bought him some tiny gardening tools and a pack of dwarf Sunflowers (thanks Mrs Price). I am ashamed to admit that I’ve been using said mini tools for my seedlings (I’m […]

Argghh! Blighted Tomatoes

I came back from holiday, tired, weary and very, very jet-lagged to find this in my garden. I could have wept right there and then. Virtually all of my Tomatoes were ruined by blight. Today, I spend an hour or so pulling up the dead plants and collecting the rotted Tomatoes in an attempt to […]