Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – the aftermath. From the 25llb turkey, the roasted vegetables, the sweet potato with marshmallows on top (new experience for me) to the huge selection of pie – this has been a fantastic first Thanksgiving experience for me. I love the fact that the guys are watching football in the background of this photo. […]

What’s Your Winter Hobby?

I ask that question like everyone ‘must’ have a Winter hobby! But recently, I’ve been wondering what you all do in the Winter? Gardening is a fantastic hobby but there’s no doubt that it’s a seasonal activity. There’s masses to do in Spring and Summer but then it starts to wind down and by the […]

My View, Right Now

Usually, my view is a little less err… dramatic than this. But since I’m visiting family in Colorado for Thanksgiving I have exchanged my somewhat tiny landscape for this, huge, snow-capped, sunshiney affair. I hate to tell you but this is the view from Under Gardener’s mum’s house. Not bad as views go. We could […]

It’s Only My Birthday!

I’m not one to shout from the hills about my birthday (she says, creating a whole post dedicated to that very subject!) but today was nice. Nothing special, just nice. I got lots of cards from family and friends which always makes you feel special. My amazing husband brought me a piece of original art […]

Overwintering Onion Sets Still in Bag

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to get my overwintering Onion sets in. No luck, it’s a quagmire out there. I don’t usually do overwintering Onions. I normally put them in around end of Feb/March depending on the weather. But I’ve decided that I’ll be so bored over the Winter that I need something to […]

Posh Mushrooms on Toast

What else can be done on a damp and rainy Saturday but go the Farmer’s Market, buy some nice food, come home and cook it. I don’t grow Mushrooms (maybe I should) so having a guy at the market who grows nothing but Mushrooms is very handy. The Mushrooms he sells are always amazing he […]

Making Leaf Mould

My Tiny Plot is surrounded by leaves. On one side there are evergreen Laurel bushes. The south-facing wall is topped by deciduous Ivy, then half our house is covered in Wisteria that sheds its leaves too. Consequently, at this time of year the ground is thick with Autumnal leaves – even the Laurel seems to […]