Vintage Gardening Products

I visited a place called Oakham Treasures a few days ago. It’s an immense and impressive collection of tractors and vintage paraphernalia, collected by one man over the course of his life. They say it’s a museum but it felt more like rummaging in your grandfather’s shed. It smelt of oil and dirt and more […]

Final Winter Harvest

This is my final Winter harvest – a few Leeks, the last of the Christmas Potatoes, and a handful of Shallots. It looks like the makings of a soup to me! But if I was really relying on my garden to feed me then our family would be entering a very, very lean period indeed […]

Started Sowing

I started sowing today. I sowed a row of Radish, some Carrots (Early Nantes) and some Oakleaf Lettuce in the coldframe. I also sowed some Broadbeans (Bunyards Exhibition) in terracotta pots and put them into the coldframe to germinate. Later on I’ll transplant them into the ground. It feels good to get some plants on […]

Pruning Mint

My Mint bush grows in an old water fountain in my garden. It was there when I moved in four years ago and is still there now. Everything is getting hacked in my garden at the moment. Today it was the turn of the Mint. Every year I cut it back really hard – right […]

Raspberry Taming

Give Raspberries a few years and they will start to take over. You’ll find their runners popping up all over the place. I found one last year on the ‘other side’ of the path to where my Raspberry patch was. With a small garden such as mine I have to keep them under control or […]

Florida Farmer’s Market

So…I’ll say this quickly… I just got back from a two week holiday in Florida. What can I say, it was gorgeous. No need for temperature details here but one thing I wanted to post about was this amazing farmer’s market that I went to in Orlando. It was in the centre of the park, […]