Thanksgiving 2011

Believe it or not this weekend saw our first Thanksgiving celebration at home. Despite 50 per cent of our family being American. Umm… Usually if we celebrate it’s because we happen to be visiting family on one of our very well timed visits. But this year we thought it was high time that we bit […]

Vegetable Christmas Ornaments

If I’m obsessed with two things it’s vegetables and Christmas, in that order. So, to be given a gift that is both wrapped up in one is well… my new favourite thing. It was my birthday last week and these little, let’s call them Christmas trinkets, popped through the letterbox having travelled all the way […]

Autumn in the Veg Garden

I took a stroll around my garden this morning. It was freezing. I was shivering, the leaves were shivering and the cat, very sensibly, stayed indoors. There’s not much left in the garden, as you might expect. Most things have gone over and many of the permanent fruit bushes have lost their leaves. But… those […]

What Nutrients Do What

I don’t know about you but I get very confused by all the different nutrients that fruit and vegetables need. I’ve struggled for years to remember what nitrogen does for plants and why phosphorous is useful. Urghh! My head feels like it might explode sometimes as I rush indoors to consult my gardening books to […]

Coldframe Lettuce

The Lettuce in my coldframe are romping away. All this mild weather has confused them and encouraged them to put on a growth spurt. But I don’t want them to get too big just now. Hopefully the weather will settle down a bit into a more wintry pattern and they will slow down a bit. […]

My Beautiful Shed

Yesterday I suddenly noticed how beautiful my shed is. The sun was streaming in through the window and catching on the Coriander seeds that I have hanging up to dry. My lone pumpkin has pride of place on the bench making everything look Autumnal and just a little bit orange and my pruning saw looks […]

Welcome to My View

My little one is crawling. Hence, I don’t see much of him these days. He’s busy either going this way… …or that. Chasing the cat out of the catflap, investigating the cat bowl. Eating fluff. Trying to open the dishwasher. The important things in life. Even trying to get a photo of him is a […]

Forcing Chicory – Part 1

It dug up my Chicory plants yesterday and put them in storage in preparation for forcing them later on. The plants were getting quite large but it’s best to lift them at this time of year before the frosts get to them. I lifted about seven or eight but not all of them were big […]