Finding Lost Apples

About a week ago I discovered an Apple tree hidden in the garden. There was a huge overgrown climbing Rose next to it and I’d missed the Apples that were up high until recently. After cutting down the rose, I could get to the Apples. I’m pretty sure that the Apples are an eating variety […]

Back to the Beginning

So, we tried to do the weeding and pulling ourselves but honestly, it took us a whole day to do one tiny little corner of this area. The whole courtyard was full of Marjoram that had turned into a weed and had seeded everywhere – even in between the brick pathway. And the raised beds […]

Now You See It

On one side of the house we have a cute little seating area with a pergola above and some steps down into the garden. It’s a great place to sit at night with a glass of wine and contemplate all the things that I plan to grow in my garden next year. Ahem! it would […]

Housewarming Gift

One of our neighbours left this basket of fruit and vegetables on our front porch today. She had been to the farmer’s market bought some things that she likes, put them in a basket, wrapped it and tied it with string. It was a lovely home-made gift and it totally blew me away. The fact […]

Epic Elm Tree

I’m not really a tree person. I like trees. I like to look at trees. I’m always happy that trees are there but I don’t think I’m the kind of person who would say, “Let’s plant an Elm tree.” I might say that about an Apple tree or a Pear tree. And infact I did […]

Green Hydrangeas

I found these hiding in the garden behind some overgrown bushes that we’re in the process of chainsawing! Gorgeous colours. I’ve never grown Hydrangeas before but as I understand it they bloom either pink or blue depending on your soil type but then mellow to a gorgeous dusty green colour. I love them so much […]