Four Cute Ideas

I love volunteering in other people’s gardens because they always have great ideas that I could never come up with myself. These ideas come from the Washington county Master Gardeners demo garden. This is a bean support made out of an old bicycle wheel. These old coffee cans serve three purposes to keep out slugs, […]

Chilli Pepper Plants Not Thriving, Why?

I was volunteering at a local farmer’s market this weekend at the Master Gardeners stall. We are there to answer gardeners’ questions and promote organic gardening techniques. A guy came over and asked a question about his failing Chilli Pepper plants. He said that he had sowed his Chilli seed back in February and grown […]

Harvesting My Artichokes from Seed

I harvested some Artichokes this week. Two globe and one purple. I’m so impressed that the plants are producing Artichokes this year and I only grew them from seed this season. Artichokes are big, big plants but if you have the room and full sun all day they are the perfect architectural plant giving both […]

The Best Headed Cabbage

I’ve been really impressed with this variety of Cabbage. It’s a round, green one called Parel. These Cabbages were ready to eat around three weeks ago and we have been quietly eating our way through them one by one since then. What impresses me is that they are just sitting there waiting their turn. No […]

Planting A Winter Garden

Every year I want to grow a Winter vegetable garden and every year it seems I miss the boat with sowing the seed and planting. Not this year. I sowed this little collection of seeds a few weeks ago and have been busy keeping them cool and watered. Around now is the time to plant […]

Are Peppers Self Fertile?

I grew these Peppers from seed back in February. They are pretty sturdy plants right now and they were starting to flower. When I told someone that I was growing them in pots in my greenhouse she questioned whether they would need pollinating by insects. Something that wouldn’t necessarily happen in the greenhouse. I must […]

Passing Peas Over the Fence

The Peas have reached their height. I officially have more Peas (these are Green Arrow) than I can eat. Time to start dishing them out the neighbours I think. I love this time of year. When everything is in abundance. Nothing feels too excessive because there is always more where that came from. And that’s […]

How to Make Quick Raspberry Sorbet

This is the easiest thing to make – ever. When we went Raspberry picking I had quite a few fruits left over after we had had our fill. This is a really easy way to make sorbet. I thought it would be strange leaving the seeds in as I had only ever made sorbet by […]