My Little Strawberry Picker

This here is my little Stawberry picker. He knew when the Strawberries were ripe. He knew before me. He had been watching them all week. And yes there were a few green ones that came into the house ‘Can I eat this Mama?’ ‘Well I wouldn’t – and….” I was about to say and don’t […]

My New Eco-Lawn

Here’s a rare photo of me (in shorts!) sowing a new eco-lawn underneath the fruit trees in my orchard. What’s an eco-lawn? Well, good question. It’s a lawn that is low-maintenance. Either it has low-growing grasses and therefore doesn’t need much mowing, or it uses drought-tolerant varieties that will resist going brown in the summertime. […]

My Clematis – What are they?

As most of you know I moved to Portland nearly two years ago and I inherited a beautiful garden full of the most amazing plants that someone else planted! I’m not the world’s greatest expert on Clematis (cover your ears Dad!). I have five amazing Clematis that are now in full flower and I don’t […]

Crimson Clover Cover Crop

Try saying that after a few glasses of wine! The Crimson Clover that I sowed back in October is finally flowering. And it looks beautiful. I know that some have warned against letting it flower but I really couldn’t resist. The flowers are so – red wine! I think it looks so amazing as a […]