Photo Mission: Let’s Get Sowing!

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m raring to go with the sowing already! I’ve ordered my seeds, polished my dibber and I’ve even cleared up the leaves. It’s show time. We’re fast approaching the time of year that every vegetable gardener loves, Spring. The weather is sunnier, the garden is calling and it’s all down to you to get to the seeds sown so that you can reap the rewards later. I’m so excited I could pop!

This month’s photo mission is all about sowing. So get out there and take photos that say ‘it’s nearly Spring so get your booty out into the shed and sow my friend’.

Whether it’s a photo of you actually sowing seed,

preparing the pots,

or sorting your seed tags. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that your photo says ‘sow’.

Our prize this time comes from the super-cool, urban gardeners over at Seed Pantry. It’s a mega-stylish Window Salads seed kit worth £14.99 each, with eight packs of seed including: Rocket, Radishes, Chillies, Lettuce (Lolla Rossa & Salad Bowl), Basil, Parsley and Spring Onions.

As we can’t send seeds outside the EU winners from outside that area will receive this set of coir pots instead. Still very cool! And don’t forget to sign up to the Seed Pantry newsletter for great hints and tips on how to sow and grow. Again thanks to SP for their generosity and making our competition just a little bit (erm a lot…) more competitive :)

Send your entries to by Friday 19th March. GOOD LUCK!

19 Comments on “Photo Mission: Let’s Get Sowing!

  1. Haha. I love the contrast between the soil and nail polish in that second photo. Kind of a ‘man vs. nature meets ‘man within nature. I’ve had more and more readers from the EU showing up on my blog, so I’ll let my readers know about your contest.

    Happy blogging, and happy sowing.


  2. Great timing. I was sorting my seeds out tonight for my gardening club meeting, we are seed swapping tomorrow night. In the local pub of course! My chilli ssedlings are doing well and sweet basil only took 3 days to appear, it’s such and exiting time :-) Will add this to my blog. Thank you.

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  4. Your potting bench is very photogenic and “country living” magazineish. Mine is chaotic. You are an inspiration to do better.

  5. Matt – I have a weakness for nail colour! This week it’s purple with sparkly bits.

  6. I’ll be sowing some more seeds this weekend, so I’ll have to get the camera out.

  7. Have only just found your blog but absolutely love it. This is only my second year of growing things, and the first year being totally obsessed! Did my first bout of planting last weekend (a bit late?) and more this weekend so will have to take piccies. And Claire is right, your potting bench is gorgeous. Mine is a mish-mash of plastic, which hopefully will be completely gone by next year.

    Thanks for your posts!

  8. Your dirt is the richest of black; but you cannot be a gardener.
    Look at your nails! I mean…

    I won’t enter the contest from Bakersfield, California. Summer is almost upon us. The beds are being prepared for tomatoes, peppers, melons, and squash.

    Is your soil potting soil or is that in your garden? That is dark stuff!

  9. Hello from Mars, Pennsylvania, USA

    This is my first visit to MTP Very cool. I just returned from my local Agway (farm store) with three types of peas to plant this weekend. We still have snow on the ground in someplaces so this will be my first opportunity. We still need to plant up against a structure to keep them warm enough. Glad to meet you all.

  10. Maybelline – it’s my gorgeous new compost in my coldframe. hmmmm.

  11. Haha. Purple and sparkly sounds perfect (and I wish I kept better track of where I was leaving comments, so I could respond to responses in a timely fashion).

    Hopefully my link sent you some nice traffic, and some nice entries in the contest (I know people read my blog, they’re just really quiet). The only thing I’ve been growing are weeds (my tortoise thinks they’re delicious). I’ll probably only be growing one tomato or squash given my limited space… so that means I’ll be getting a seedling rather than sowing seeds. Oh well, hopefully it’s a good contest.

    And I just “penned” a few lines about mixing wild and natural things with refined and sophisticated things to keep people guessing. I think your nails qualify. Haha.

  12. Those Coir pots are duds – tried them last year. Cant keep the soil moist at all, evaporates moisture so fast or leaks all over the place. Cant plant them, cuz wont rot fast enough, poor seedling will be a midget in perpetuity – i think.

    In Canada try Stellar Seeds for Organic versions of great lettuces – Drunken Widow is good!

  13. hello, I am a freshy to veg gardening and ave ocd already (bore peeps to death with my constant talk of veg/seeds, go to bed thinking bout them and wake up to carry on where i left off the night before, Is that ocd???), i love your site and will be referring to it constantly, if anyone has any other blogs or sites for absolute complete beginners for small back garden growers that would be great. I think I am packing to much into my garden but cant bare to leave anything out. thanks folks.

  14. p.s i may start with the old nail polish to distract from sore fingers (scrubbing dirt out) also will be stocking up on hand cream or will def have raggedy hands by end of season, tried gloves but I like to feel the soil and seed as potting. x

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