Tame Magpie

Look! It’s the tame magpie. He’s famous on our allotment, everyone is talking about how he likes to land on your shoulders while you dig. I didn’t believe he existed until he came to visit while I was digging up the last of the potatoes a few days ago. He landed on the wheelbarrow first […]

Fruit Patch

We’re continuing with the opening up of the former fruit patch and we’re about half way there (when I say we, of course I mean Ryan). The plan is to leave most of the bushes intact but to remove some strategic specimens to create lovely wide beds that will house the big stuff next year, […]

French Beans and Tomato Puree

Headed up to mtp to start the big winter dig. I had sown some green manure a couple of weeks ago (mustard seeds) and cut it down to lay flat on the bed to die down. I dug that in some more. Also I lifted the last of the potatoes and trundled off to the […]

It’s All Coming to an End…

Is it just me or has everything slowed down to a humid drone? I go to mtp every couple of days, do a bit of weeding, a splash of watering, cut a few things for the basket-of-plenty and head off home to spend the day in the kitchen, pickling, chopping, washing, eating… It’s like the […]

Bathford Flower Show

It happens every year (apparently) – Bathford Flower Show. You can enter your produce in a veritable plethora of categories including your common or garden flower categories (including the minature flower arrangement section). Your basic veg categories (like the five tomatoes on a plate category – seen here) or your more unusual entries such as […]

Gone to Seed

I had no idea what lettuce looked like once it had gone to seed. Most people warned me that I had planted too many lettuce and that they would go to seed before I could eat them all and well, they were right. I admit it, 70 lettuce was a tad too many. But what […]