Squash Leaves

My Butternut Squash plant has been putting on a spurt these last couple of days. It seems like it’s growing about 5 or 6cm a day! I have planted it just next to my sweetcorn (spaced out in a square) so that once the Squash gets big and rambling (as it certainly will) I can […]

Radish Seeds

I’ve let a few Radishes go to seed this year. The flower stems are very tall with pretty little white flowers at the top. The flowers disappear quite quickly to be replaced by a small pod which gets larger over time. The slugs seem to like eating the pods so I have tied them up […]

Tiny Cucumber

As I did a quick tour of the garden to check on the latest slug damage I noticed that the cucumber plant is flowering and has produced tiny fruit! Yey – could this be the break in the clouds I’ve been looking for? Maybe – although I did also notice that in 2005 I was […]

Make it Stop!

Can you believe that it’s still raining? Why won’t it stop? What have I done wrong? I promised to be good, didn’t anyone hear me? I’m not one to complain but this relentless rain is killing me (and many of my plants). This photo is typical of what is going on at mtp right now […]

Tags at Gardens of Heligan

I’m always intrigued by the different kinds of tags people use for their plants. I took this photo of a plant tag while at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. I like the way that they have written the word Strawberry and filled in the corners of the letters to make them look like Serif fonts. […]

Blackcurrant Juice

It’s blackcurrant time! Yey. One of my favourite times of the year. At mtp we have two blackcurrant bushes that I inherited from the previous owners. I’ve no idea what variety they are or indeed in the first year any clue how to prune them. But last year I picked up a natty pruning tip […]


Hooray! At least one of the plants I sowed in my cutting garden is flowering. The flowers really are a very bright orange. All I need now is a lime-green sitting room to put them in, eek!

New Vegetable Plot

The new kitchen garden is starting to take shape. It’s not quite finished yet (rain stopped play) but you can see that I’ve managed to put in quite a few Lettuce, a row of Tomatoes, and over on the right some Broccoli, Kale and a small Strawberry bed. There are around nine Sweetcorn plants huddling […]