Strawberry Peak

I just had to share this photo with you. We’re calling it Strawberry Peak – like Henman Hill only slightly more berry-like. And you can’t get better than home-grown Strawberries with cream on Wimbledon week, can you? Come on Nadal!

Onions Going to Seed

Remember to snap off onion flowers as they appear. If you let the plants flower they will become woody and unusable. Try to remember which ones started to bolt and use these first as they won’t keep well if you try to store them.

Massive Strawberries

Whoa! Look at the size of them! I don’t think I’ve ever managed to grow strawberries this big. I can only put it down to the sizable amount of wood ash that I dumped on them in early spring. Whatever I did – it worked. Obviously I have more than two! I’m thinking about grilling […]

Radish Picnic

We went on an impromptu picnic by the canal today so before we left I ran out and picked a few things for the basket including my newly bulbed up Radish. These went into my tuna salad sandwiches along with Little Gem and some Chives. We also had some Mange Tout with Humous and New […]

New Potato & Pea Frittata

One week you have nothing to harvest and the next you have a row of potatoes and a basketful of peas! The question is, what should one do with such ingredients? Make New Potato and Pea Frittata of course. I can’t pretend this is my own recipe – I found it in this month’s Delicious […]

10 Jobs for June

It’s getting warmer and everything seems to be putting a spurt on. Time to fill in those final gaps in time for high-season and full production. Among others you should be harvesting the first lettuces, new potatoes and the first Peas. Plant out curcubits (Pumpkins, Courgettes, Squash, Gherkins etc) Plant out Sweetcorn Start feeding Tomatoes […]

Would You Give Away Your Veg?

As we’re away this weekend, and I noticed that a few of my lettuces were about to be past their best, I picked them and took them around to my neighbour’s house. They were delighted with them and thanked me profusely – which felt nice. But, saying goodbye to my lettuces was more difficult than […]

Radish Came up Blind

Ack! Some of my Radish came up blind (didn’t bulb up properly). It’s my own fault – I forgot to thin the row so they ended up overcrowded, which Radishes hate. It makes sense. They don’t have enough room to grow sideways so they grow up instead. So, make sure to thin your Radish to […]

Last of the Spinach

The New Zealand Spinach has started to go to seed so it’s time to dig it up and clear the ground for another crop. We got quite a large harvest from the last plants though and I made a great Ricotta and Spinach cannelloni with it. Spinach is a great cool-weather crop but it hates […]

Time to Start Watering Peas

Once the pods have started to appear on your peas it’s time to start watering in earnest. A good drenching each day will help the peas swell inside the pods and produce, fat, juicy, super-sweet peas.