Gherkins Almost Ready to Plant

My Gherkins are almost ready to plant out. I sowed them about a month ago under fleece outside. They germinated quite quickly but then some bad weather meant that they have been growing very, very slowly. The sunny weather last week has quickened them on a pace though. And now they’re nearly ready to go […]

Time to Plant my Melon

It’s time to clear out all the seedlings from my coldframe to make room for my Melon plant. Most seedlings have been planted out but there are still a few left. From bottom to top there is Drunken Housewife Lettuce, some Greyhound Cabbage, and a solitary Courgette plant. Once they’re planted out in the garden […]

Never-ending Winter Lettuce

My Winter Density Lettuce are just coming into their own and it’s nearly the end of May! I’m so glad that I planted two varieties of winter Lettuce because the Winter Gem hearted up early and are now all gone but this variety is still going. After this harvest I’ll have three Lettuces left in […]

Coriander Loves the Hot Weather!

Nothing like a week of blisteringly hot weather to get everything growing huh? This is my little rabbit planter that I sowed some Coriander in. The seeds are the ones I saved last December and they seem to have germinated very well. Last week the seedlings were just popping through. A week later and they’re […]

Balcony Gardener Seeds

The Balcony Gardener send me these seeds last week. I just love the way they are packaged. The designs on the front of the seeds are lovely and they make me feel good about being a gardener in the 21st Century. I think traditional seed packers could learn a thing or two from this type […]

Aha! So the Pears Did Pollinate

A few weeks ago I was on cloud nine because my other Pear tree flowered this year, which means I was in with a good chance of getting some pollinated flowers. And guess what? It worked. The flowers did pollinate and there are tiny Pears growing on the trees. Hooray! I have Pears growing on […]

Borlotti Beans Ready to Go!

> These are my Borlotti Beans that I sowed a while ago under cover in my coldframe. They germinated within a few days and have been happily growing ever since. They are getting a bit big now so I think it’s time to plant them out. I’m pretty sure that the risk of frost is […]

When to Plant Out Tomatoes

I learned something today. I always thought that as soon as you had hardened your Tomatoes off then they should go straight in the ground – assuming there’s no risk of frost, that is. But apparently there is another factor at work, that of overnight temperature. Apparently, you’re looking for a consistent temperature of not […]

Time to Deploy the Peasticks

After a wonky start due to some cheeky little mice my Peas are doing very well. I have virtually a whole row of them that are about an inch and half tall. That’s means only one thing, it’s time to deploy the Peasticks that I half-inched borrowed from a local estate. My Peasticks lead a […]

Harvesting My Winter Gems

We had a few friends round for a BBQ today so it was the perfect opportunity to cut three of my Winter Gem Lettuces that have been happily growing in the coldframe all Winter. They have hearted up nicely over the last week and were hitting perfection today so I went for it. Winter Gem […]