Our Street Party

Just a few photos from our Royal Wedding Street party yesterday. Here is the table before the guests arrived. We did a pot-luck style food arrangement where everyone brought a dish. We cooked some Pie Minister Wills & Kate pies! They were yum. We had Strawberries, lots of Strawberries! And the children waved their flags […]

Sunburst Design

I’ve gone a bit ‘pattern-crazy’ this year and decided to plant up all my beds in some kind of design. This bed is mostly salads and I’ve planted it in a sunburst design. I suppose I just got bored of planting in straight lines and thought I would do something different this year. I planted […]

Quick Save the Seedlings!

This is me in yesterday’s freak hail storm, running back and forth trying to save my precious seedlings from the advancing water. The guttering was overflowing directly onto them! Eek! I moved them to higher ground but I fear some of them won’t make it. Bah! serves me right for trusting this nice weather we’re […]

Cute Pathway Idea

I went to Dyrham Park at the weekend and noticed these cute little pathways on their kitchen garden area. I’m guessing it’s Willow bent over to make little arches and then tied together at the joins. Very decorative, I thought. A little too rustic for my garden but still, very neat.

Tulips Still Coming

I had to post this photo of my gorgeous, gorgeous Tulips. They just keep on coming. I’ll be sad when they’re all gone again for another year.

Training Peach Branches

Peaches are a lot of work – there’s no argument there. But sooooo worth it. Now that my Peach tree has reached its full size and is covering most of the allotted space on the south-facing wall it’s time to start thinking about earmarking replacement branches for next year. I know it sounds ridiculously early […]

Very First 2011 Harvest

Harvested our first crop of the season – Radish. I gave Jackson the honour, he pulled it up by the leaf and kept it at arms length until I had identified it. Then he said, “Can I eat it?”. Well yes of course you can. So I washed it and sliced it and gave him […]

Pear Blossom About to Open

This is the blossom on my Comice Pear. Strangely, it has a red tinge and almost looks like tiny roses about to flower. But when it’s fully out it looks like this, and is totally white. I’ve never noticed this before. I just love the way that if I look hard enough, I see something […]

Planting my Salad Potatoes

I planted my Salad Potatoes, Pink Fir Apple, today. They have been happily chitting on the kitchen windowsill for about a month. Ideally, I would chit them in the shed near a window but the mice can’t be trusted after they swiped my heritage varieties a few years ago. I planted them about 10cm deep, […]