My Pot-Grown Tayberry

My Tayberry is in its second year and is fruiting like mad again. The fruits are ready slightly earlier this year (must have been all the good weather we had in April). As last year they still looked like this in the first week of June. But these beauties are definitely ready for eating – […]

Kilver Court Gardens

I went to Kilver Court Gardens recently. I had been to the gorgeous farm shop many times for coffee and cake in the wood panelled room with the open wood fire but I’d never been to the gardens. It was smaller than I expected, very tranquil with a huge disused viaduct running through the middle. […]

Mustard Greens

I’m growing Mustard Greens for the first time this year and I’m surprisingly impressed with them. Firstly, I’ve found them really easy to grow. Almost every single seed I sowed germinated and sometimes that’s half the battle – in my garden at least. Secondly, they are very decorative and I’ve used them in two of […]

Are you Growing Runner Beans?

Are you growing Runner Beans this year? I seem to flick from one extreme to the other with Runner Beans. One year I’m in love with them and the next I’ve had enough. They are very easy to grow and can in some cases take over your garden and they are certainly prolific producers as […]

Spring Salad

Just picked this gorgeous Spring Salad from the garden. Everything in this bowl comes from mtp and I’m so happy that all the different salad leaves have grown the way I wanted them too. In the bowl is All The Year Round Lettuce, Lollo Rosso Lettuce, Corn Salad, American Cress, NZ Spinach leaves and Mustard […]

Cute Path Idea – The Courts Garden, Holt

I recently visited The Courts garden in Holt, Wiltshire. It’s a beautiful but compact garden and part of it is given over to a small kitchen garden surrounded by box bushes. The garden has a very ‘natural’ feel with most of the pathways blending in with the backdrops. Here they have used natural materials to […]

Tomato – Sweet Pea Currant

This year I’m growing a new variety of Tomato (for me at least) called Sweet Pea Currant. The shops were full of the tiny pea-sized Tomatoes last year and they were all the rage in mum’s circles because toddlers loved them. I hadn’t seen the seed for sale until this year and I’ve even seen […]

Herbs Up-Close

I photographed my Herbs today – something that I don’t do very often. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because Herbs really don’t require much input and so I don’t visit them very often unless picking them. But they really are interesting when you look at them up-close. This Parsley is so zingy! It’s almost […]

Jackson’s Actual Garden

Honestly, I never thought the day would come, but Jackson actually does have his own garden. Despite writing a book about his garden he never really had one until now. You know how it is with little ones – in the beginning they just eat dirt, then they try to choke themselves on stones, then […]