Starting a New Sunburst Pattern

I did a sunburst pattern a few years ago in my garden in the UK. I had a lot of fun doing it, but to be honest it was a bit tame. Just a few Lettuce in a diagonal pattern. In the past I’ve done diamond patterns on my allotment and zig-zag patterns too. This […]

The Cycle of Fresh Leaves

I’ve been enjoying lots and lots of fresh greens from my greenhouse over the past month. There’s really nothing better than cutting a colander full of leaves and eating them right away. But the Rocket (Arugula) has started to go to seed and is coming to the end of its usefulness. So I sowed some […]

Cutting in the Cover Crop

I decided to chop in around half of the Crimson Clover cover crop that I sowed back in the Autumn (the Rye grass didn’t germinate – probably sowed it too late). It has grown really well and while I would love to see it flower I think that leaving all of it to flower might […]

I Started a Garden Diary

A few weeks ago I started a garden diary. I’ve been reading Beth Chatto’s Garden Notebook, a book that was comprised using planting notes from her garden diary. She made simple entries like ‘sowed seed of Salvia, Victoria Blue undercover’ etc. And I have decided to do the same. I suppose this blog is a […]

Wow! I Love Spring

I’m so excited about this coming season. I can’t stop thinking about all the things that are starting to grow and the plans I have for the kitchen garden. I’m most excited about planting some patterned beds and seeing if I can make it work the way I imagine it in my head!

My Six Favourite Lettuce

Every year I like to try at least one new Lettuce variety (sometimes two, or three). This year I’ll be trying this one, it’s a romaine crispy type called Garnet Rose. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a romaine this red before so I’m quite excited about it. For me, trying new stuff is what […]

Harvesting Micro Greens

I’ve been meaning to sow some Micro Greens for these past couple of years and have either just forgotten or been engrossed in growing enough Lettuce to sink a small ship. But since I already have a nice collection of greens growing away in the greenhouse (Rocket, Corn Salad, Pak Choi and Lettuce leaves) I […]

Time to Start Potting-On

I’m potting on, yes it’s that time of year here. I sowed some Cabbage (Parel) and some Kale (Red Russian) a few weeks ago and they are already at the two true leaf stage. So I started to pot them on. I always find that there is an explosion of small pots in the greenhouse […]