Yay! It’s finished

The garden is finished! Look at all that lovely bare soil just begging for some plants. Now we can get on with the best bit. I’ll try to keep posting photos regularly once I start the planting but it might be slightly more erratic since the planting may be done in fits and starts. But […]

Landscaping – Day Nine

The landscaping is nearly finished. The middle seating area is all finished – and doesn’t it look gorgeous? All that’s left to do is to pound down the gravel in the remaining pathways and it’s all finished. By the end of tomorrow it will be planting time! I can’t wait.

Landscaping – Day Eight

At last the brick seating area is going down. It’s delicate work and so James and the crew have been working on it all day. They’ve made good progress and tomorrow will be finishing up the fiddly bits that require the bricks to be cut in half. Nearly finished!

Landscaping – Day Seven

Today the gravel arrived. As you can see the gravel was added to the pathways – although looks like there’s more to go in there as the membrane is still showing in parts. The middle square is to be laid with bricks over the coming days. We bought some bagged manure, three bags for each […]

Landscaping – Day Six

The landscapers don’t work at the weekends so they won’t be doing anything until Monday now. This is the last shot of the garden before they left on Friday afternoon. As you can see they have cleared all the rubbish away, dug over three of the beds and dug out the pathway at the end […]

Landscaping – Day Five

All the edges of the beds are in! You can really see the shape of the garden now. It’s all very angular at the moment – but once the plants go in those straight lines will be softened. The weather is just about holding so there will be more progress tomorrow. Tune in!

Landscaping – Day Four

The bricks and stone blocks are being laid. You can start to see the shape of the beds on the left-hand side as they are surrounded by bricks. There are still two palettes of bricks to lay so I’m guessing they will be working on that for the next few days. But it’s coming along […]

Landscaping – Day Three

The concrete has been laid and the retaining wall at the end of the garden is nearly finished. Where you see the concrete – that will be filled with York stone blocks. The large square in the middle will be the brick seating area.

Landscaping – Day Two

Day two of the garden landscaping and things are starting to take shape pretty quickly. The trenches that you can see will be filled with concrete and York Stone blocks lowered into them. Then the spaces in between will be laid with bricks to create the seating area. More from mtp – as it happens!

Landscapers Get Started

The landscapers have arrived! Yey! There are four of them so progress has been very quick and they have been working hard digging these trenches. The concrete bases are being poured tomorrow with the special ‘handmade’ bricks going in soon after that. You can really start to get a feel for how large the beds […]