Devon’s First Snow!

Devon went for a walk yesterday and experienced his first snow! Well, when I say experienced, he participated. He seemed to enjoy it and responded by sleeping. What more can you do when you’re only 6 days old! Jackson, couldn’t believe his eyes and was amazed that his new favourite story book ‘Charlie and Lola: […]

My New Seedling

I had my baby yesterday. Here he is, his name is Devon. He was a week early but I was expecting him because my first born, Jackson, was three weeks early and the midwife told me that this baby would come on Saturday – I don’t know how she knew, lucky guess I expect, but […]

My Favourite Garden Notebooks

A recent forum thread on UKVG about what gardeners would like this Christmas (thanks Damo) got me thinking about all the lovely stuff there is out there for gardeners. I decided to put together a little shopping list of different things that I find beautiful. I thought I would start off with a selection of […]

Surprising Autumn Colour

Just a quick post to show you how gorgeous my Red Currant is at the moment. Some plants really surprise you with their burst of Autumn colour, the Red Currant is one with its beautiful yellow leaves. …my Grapevine is another. …and also the Blueberry is pretty amazing. …even the Strawberries are making a bid […]

It’s My Birthday – Yey!

It’s my birthday today. This year it’s been quite a pink affair with lots of lovely presents that talk to the girl in me. Last year was positively ‘green’ in comparison. Funny that. But I don’t mind. It’s nice to be spoiled once a year. I have been given such gorgeous gifts that I thought […]

Pruning my Tayberry

Finally! I have tamed my Tayberry. It now looks all prim and proper like it should do after under gardener kindly attached my wire support system to the wall, I promptly pruned my Tayberry and rescued it from the floor! I’m not sure of the variety but it can’t be a thornless type since pruning […]

Winter Cabbages

My Winter Cabbages (January King) are really brightening up the garden right now. It’s a bit wet and a bit brown out there but the rain seems to add more zing to the green on the Cabbage leaves making them a great feature. I planted them out in late Summer and they did survive an […]

Are Heritage Veg Worth It?

I recently received my copy of Which? Gardening and there was a fascinating feature in it about the differences between heritage vegetables (ie those older varieties that would die out if not perserved) and newer hybrid varieties. Which? are famed for their thorough testing and they certainly seemed to have tested some obvious varieties of […]