Carrot Seedlings Emerging

The Carrots that I sowed in the coldframe a few weeks ago are already pushing through. I think it’s all this mild weather we’ve been having. I always sow a few Carrots in the coldframe so that I can grow them on and harvest some small but perfect early Carrots (Early Nantes) before anything else […]

Yellow Tulips for Easter

My Tulips are in flower. I must admit flowers don’t last long in my garden since I only grow most of them for cutting. These particular Eastery yellow ones were cut… gathered… and in the vase pretty quick. I’ve got some lovely purple and peach coloured ones to come but these pale yellows are my […]

Time to Remove the Forcer

I harvested the last of my forced Rhubarb today. It’s time to take the forcer off and let the plant regain its strength. It feels strange to be coming to the end of a crop already when Spring is just beginning but forcing really weakens a plant so I can only do it for a […]

Broadbean Seedlings

The Broadbeans that I sowed on 15th Feb have sprouted. They have been in my coldframe since then and so have dodged the few frosts that we’ve had here. I absolutely love this time of year! It makes me want to bounce around the garden like a Spring bunny! Unfortunately, not the Spring bunny that […]

Radish Seedlings Emerging

It seems like a long time since my coldframe has seen any action but I took a look in there today and found these little fellas – some Radish that I sowed about a week ago. Radish are pretty hardy blighters and are usually one of the first things I sow. They come up quickly […]

Peach Tree Not Flowering?

This, above, is a flower bud on a Peach tree. This, is a leaf bud. One will give you a Peach, the other will give you a leaf. Simple really. Ideally your Peach tree should be displaying some of each right now. If any of your Peach branches do not have flower buds on them, […]

Tayberry Sprouting

My Tayberry is sprouting. The leaves on it are much, much bigger than the leaves on my Blackcurrant, Red currants and White currants. Which surprises me as my Raspberries have yet to show. Tayberries fruit on last year’s growth so I’m hoping that the stems that were left behind when I pruned it are the […]

Planting Saved Shallots

I planted my Shallots today. I have saved them from last season’s harvest. I can’t quite remember what variety they are but they’re a round sort (not the banana ones) and they are similar to Golden Gourmet. I chose the biggest, firmest ones. Then dug over the soil, used my dibber to make a hole […]