Let the Work Commence

Jackson is raring to get going on his new, bigger garden. He wanted to go out and do some digging but the digging soon turned to raking. The raking consisted of moving the soil from one location to another and then back again. It was great fun, especially when we used the rake upside down. […]

Christmas Dresser

There’s very little gardening going on these days. I wander down to the wood shed with my basket in hand and collect the wood for the fire. On the way I might check in on my coldframe Lettuce or peruse the slow progress of my blanching Chicory (it’s painfully slow!). But other than that I’m […]

Expanding Snow Village

It’s about this time of year that the snow village appears. It’s come a long way since I started it back in 2008. Since then I’ve been adding to it every year. Since the boys were too young to join in I’ve been making the houses myself. I’m not suggesting they are fantastic craftwise. They […]

Carrot Garden

I have given Jackson a bigger patch in the garden and we have been busy digging over and raking in manure. We have also done some planning and deciding what he will grow in his new garden. The conversation went like this. “So Jackson what would you like to grow in your garden?” “I would […]

Christmas Mantle Idea

Here’s a little idea for your Christmas mantelpiece. It’s really simple, just some old wine bottles filled with twigs that have been sprayed silver. With alternate silver candlesticks and tea lights to give everything a nice Christmassy twinkle. And… this idea was totally stolen, as all the best ideas are :)

Forcing Chicory – Part Two

Houston we have a problem. The Chicory that I put into storage last month is starting to sprout. Now, that is not supposed to happen. I can only assume that the mild weather we’ve been having has confused them into sprouting, or possibly the sand was too wet that I stored them in. Either way […]

Our Christmas Tree

In our house, as soon as it turns 1st December it’s pretty much time to put up the Christmas tree. So this being the nearest weekend we brought our tree home. A nice 7ft Norway spruce (the bluish looking ones with thick bushy branches). I tried to get my husband to go for a Scots […]

Coriander Seed Hanging

I harvested my Coriander plants at the end of the Summer and hung them up in the shed window to dry. They have been there ever since and are currently providing a nice little home for my resident shed spiders – of which there are many. About a week ago I decided to harvest some […]

Getting Excited!

This ornament was a present from a friend but I’ve decided to make it the basis for a Scandinavian theme tree made from a fallen branch that I found in the woods near my house. Once it’s all done I’ll post a photo here.

Grow Sign

While on my internet travels – and there are many – I found this cute little grow sign. It’s the kind of thing I might hang in my shed (the one that I’m planning to fix up one day), or better still in my kitchen, or in the living room, on the mantle. Grow is […]