Bathroom Hyacinths

At this time of year I love Hyacinths. It’s just so lovely to start bringing the outside in. Spring is here (on some days) and on others we’re flipping back into Winter. But that’s okay by me. I’m mostly staying indoors still and keeping warm. But it’s nice to have something growing and alive and […]

My Botanical Painting Course

I finally made it onto a botanical illustration course. After I declared my interest last month I’d been looking for a local course to attend so that I could learn the basics. Nothing materialised but then I got a newsletter from Alitex (purveyors of gorgeous greenhouses – hey, a girl can dream can’t she?). And […]

Kid’s Gardening Box

I just took delivery of this sweet little box of kid’s gardening paraphernalia courtesy of Innocent Kids. We love smoothies in this house so it was super exciting to get this box. But that’s not all… They sent me two! So I’m giving one away in the Kid’s Gardening Group over at UK Veg Gardeners. […]

The Secret Garden

If I could pin-point the exact moment in my life when my obsession with walled gardens began it would be here. Well, to be exact about halfway through this book. Probably the bit where Mary forces her way through the old door and finds the overgrown roses. It all started in my local library. It […]

Site Maintenance

Hello all. Just a quick post to tell you that My Tiny Plot is undergoing some essential maintenance hence the new look. The usual theme is acting a little strange and we (that’s the royal we of course) are fixing it as we speak. Our usual look will re-appear very shortly. I have full confidence […]

How to Grow Pineberries

My Pineberry plants arrived. Ten of them in total, in a teeny tiny little bag inside a teeny box. When I unwrapped them I found out why. They are indeed like small Strawberries. Each was no more than four or five centimetres long. I planted them straight away in the sunniest part of the garden, […]

Mossy & Green

At this time of year it’s gorgeous in the woods. All mossy, green, and sweet smelling. Moss is amazing isn’t it? The more you look at it, the more you see. It’s like a tiny world where everything stays green all Winter long. I love it.

Seed Swappers

I went to my local seed swapping event today, Seedy Sunday. Now is a great time to swap your saved seed and get something new to grow that you may not have grown before. Others thought so too as it was already packed with people swapping, chatting and consuming tea and cakes. There was a […]

Early Rhubarb Jam

I met a lovely lady today at Frome market selling these very pink jars of ‘Early Rhubarb’ jam. It wasn’t just the jam that caught my eye but the presentation of it too. The labels, the brown paper wrapping, the cute litte jars. Her stall was laid out with patience and attention to detail. She […]

Cake Friday Flickr Group

Hello bakers! There has been such a great response to Cake Friday that I’ve decided to make a little Flickr photo group so that we can all share our lovely cake shots and recipes in the same place. The group is called Cake Friday and is invitation only (just so we don’t get lots of […]