Week 20

Can you believe this weather? Metcheck has put out a Severe weather warning until the 28th July. Humph! Ah well I managed to get some weeding done last night. I picked some lettuce for the people I work with and noticed that the new batch of radish and spring onions are on their way too! […]


I had thought that my cucumber plants would come to nought – that they woud be just a mass of furry leaves forever. I inspected them only last week to see that the only actual cucumber on there was shrivelled and dying. But yesterday, while rummaging around in the cold frame to count how many […]

Dahlia’s Nearly Out

The Dahlia’s have started to flower – I’m so excited! I had planned to have the whole middle bed dedicated to flowers. I bought some cornflower seeds and some wild flower seeds and scattered them around in a random fashion. However, we went on holiday and when we came back the bindweed had reared it’s […]

More Than You’ll Ever Need

I took this photo at the weekend – since then this little Courgette plant has pumped out a further 4 courgettes. We can’t keep up. I’ve tried giving them away at work (minor success) and I’ve tried making courgette and chocolate cake (minor disaster), but ultimately we still have too many. And to think that […]

Gooseberry & Elderflower Crumble

When I discovered that mtp housed what seemed like half the UK’s gooseberry bush allocation I was perturbed. What on earth would I do with all those tangy berries? Start a jam-making cottage industry, give them to charity, sell them on the intranet at work? Or, here’s a novel idea, just learn to cook with […]

Week 18

With all the sunshine we’ve been having lately mtp has put on a growing spurt. Compare this picture to Week 15 – crazy huh? At the moment we are mostly harvesting lettuce (all types) potatoes (and boy are they good), raspberries, gooseberries (of course), spinach, courgettes and radish. The peas have been got at by […]

New Toy

Ryan just bought me a new iBook (he must really love me or something). Obviously the best thing about it is that it’s shiny and new, and the apple lights up when you open the lid, and it’s got wi-fi so I can post to mtp while sunbathing in the garden (or even up at […]

Tiny Aubergine Flower

Ouch it was hot today. Too hot for digging that’s for sure. It was too hot for my aubergine plants stashed in the (not so) cold frame so I gave them a refreshing spray of cool water when I finally hauled my booty up to mtp at around 5pm. While I was spraying I noticed […]

Now, That’s Gross!

I don’t want to gross anyone out but this is what I found a few days ago when I was investigating a small raised bump in the middle of the pathway up at mtp. We couldn’t work out what the strange protrusions were but when we scooped back the wood chips and rolled away the […]

79 Lettuce

I counted the lettuce today and we have seventy-nine. Well actually seventy-seven after today because we ate two at a ‘4th of July’ bar-b-que. Some would say that’s too many (like my Dad) but I’m not so sure. They’re not all the same variety. Around 40 of them are Little Gem in varying degrees of […]