Saving space with Lettuce

This is a photo of the lettuce patch at my new plot, mttp. The view is pretty amazing from here and I like to sit and watch the horse in the field every now and again. In a bid to save space I have planted small lettuce seedlings in between the larger lettuce. You might […]


Look away now if you don’t like spiders. I found this little clutch of spiders on a Hebe in my garden. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but it looks like they’ve just hatched and are huddling together for protection. Does anyone know why they do that? They’re very tiny!

How Cool are Strawberry Sweetcorn Seeds?

These must be the coolest seeds I’ve seen. They’re like mini gems and don’t really look like seeds at all. I had to take a photo of them. I sowed some normal sweetcorn and some strawberry sweetcorn today. I notice that a lot of people have started to put their sweetcorn out – while mine […]


This year I’m determind to make a go of growing tomatoes. Last year I grew Gardeners Delight but even though I knew I had to pinch out the shoots inbetween the trusses I didn’t keep up with it and consequently I ended up with a bush-like plant and very small tomatoes. This year I decided […]

Seed Tray

This is a picture of my seed tray right now. Starting from the top left and moving along in rows we have – Dill (no show), below that Corriander and Parsley. The row one in from the left is all Basil, then Spring onions (10 seeds per module), then another later sowing of Basil, then […]

Sowing Borlotti Beans

I sowed some Borlotti beans today. I’m having some success with using my heated propogator plugged in outside. You see the problem with sowing seeds inside is that there just isn’t as much light in the house as there is outside. But at this time of year it’s too cold to sow seeds outside. And […]

mttp is alive!

We finished digging and laying the beds over at mttp. Here is the finished plot all ready for new plantings. The first bed is planted with Pink Fir Apple potatoes, the second with a selection of lettuce seedlings, the third will be for tomatoes, the fourth for sweetcorn and the last one (partly in shade) […]

Introducing mttp

Call me crazy but I’ve taken on another plot – this one is a wee bit smaller than mtp so we’re calling it mttp (my teeny-tiny plot). As with all new plots it’s in a bad state. Lots of comfrey, nettles, bindweed and a fair bit of rubbish to clear (old carpets etc). But Ryan’s […]

Peas with Pea-sticks

The gutter peas in the cold frame where getting huge (around 2 inches in length) so I had no choice but to plant them out into their final position. The guttering idea didn’t work out ‘quite’ the way I thought it would. The peas were basically stuck in it and I had to disturb them […]